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About the Art

Since I was a little girl,

I knew, in my deepest being that I was an artist, but the confidence to create went underground once I began seeking external approval over self expression.  The wellsprings of creativity surfaced again decades later when recovering from a severe emotional and psychological trauma.  I was delighted to find that my spontaneous doodles conveyed more truth and wisdom than what my words could express.  Through layers of denial and self deception, vibrant images burst forth to grab my attention and give me relief.  I began to trust that as long as I could create, I could get through anything that life delivered. My fascination with how art heals led me to become a licensed art therapist and now I help others express and document their journey with images.  I  continually witness how the expression of images speeds up and deepens the therapeutic process.  I still engage in image making to declutter my psyche, express my feelings, and access the wisdom of my deepest self. The Featured Artwork shared on this site includes some of my own images as well as images created by othersa

Featured Art

All Dressed Up With Nowhere To Go

I created this from the energy I found swirling in my belly that wanted to speak.  I was frightened by a family member’s cancer diagnosis and felt overwhelmed with grief.  Staying with the energy and letting it express itself helped me lighten up, play, and remember who I am beyond this recent stress.

Immersion in Luxury

Playing with paint and canvass is an utter treat to me.  Basking in the saturated colors and knowing that only I get to choose the next line, the next color, the next stroke is an enormously gratifying, self-sustaining luxury.  One day I will paint every day or at least whenever I want.

The Driver

I created this doodle when full of conflicting impulses – go here, go there, express, release, push, drive.  I had no peace inside when first sitting at the paper.  Lots of energy for movement, but no flow.  What a relief I felt when I got it all out on paper and out of my body.  I walked away relieved.  As long as I can create, I can cope.  My psyche always wants to talk to me, even when I don’t make time to listen.  Doodling with colors and lines helps me listen.