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Carrie's Bio

I have been a student of healing, human potential, and consciousness for more than 35 years. My quest to know myself and the meaning of life began when I was in college and experienced a severe health crisis that shattered me physically, emotionally, and spiritually. My resulting search for understanding led me to study biology, psychology, anthropology, shamanism, quantum physics, comparative religion, leadership, art, and music. 

I pursued doctoral studies in clinical psychology with a focus on behavioral medicine and worked as a behavioral therapist and researcher in various medical schools including the Johns Hopkins University Hospital, the University of Maryland Hospital, and the Medical College of Virginia. 

Frustrated by the limitations of the medical model and wanting to work more creatively, I pursued a degree in art therapy and became riveted by the power of creativity to energize people out of apathy and despair into empowerment, vitality, and hope.  

Wanting to help people actualize their potential to live more fulfilling, purposeful lives, I completed a two year certificate program in life coaching with a focus on executive coaching.  I now walk with people through all stages of healing from victim, to survivor to thriver.  It is my greatest joy to watch people awaken to their own divinity as they heal, connect, and create.